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Chapter Presidents
Founders' Award Recipients

The Beginning

(This version of the chapter's history is a work in progress. 
If any member would like to add details to our story, please email
Special thanks to Ken Breen, Mark Hess, and Tom Olver in contributing to this story)

Randall S. Helman, `84

In the fall of 1982, Randall S. Helman, Central Michigan `84, began executing his plan to establish a new fraternity at Central Michigan University. With the help of local alumni including Chapter Advisor Steven Martineau, Miami `66 and members of the Gamma Psi chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Michigan State University, Helman held an open recruitment in January 1983. Five underclassmen were pledged and initiated along with Helman, thus planting the roots of the colony.

Beta made an impact on campus it's first semester. The men were the first to bring back the concept of coat-and-tie functions to the Greeks at Central that had been abandoned since the mid-seventies. They also placed at the top of Greek Sing, which was the biggest event at Greek Week, during their first semester on campus.

Founder Steve Swindell:

At the time we first came on the scene, Animal House was probably the way you’d describe most Greeks on campus. We really tried to hold ourselves out a bit, and provide a new direction for Central Greeks. I don’t know that any other fraternities were serenading at the time, we definitely embraced that concept and might have had a part in re-establishing that tradition. We saw ourselves as David against the other Goliaths, definitely. I remember we were working all the time on ways we could grow and bring something fresh to campus. The jackets we wore were sort of iconic for a time (no mistaking that bright blue with the red writing jacket!).

One of the things that the chapter is best known for is the Go Beta button and slogan. The button made it's debut at the 144th convention at Lake of the Ozarks. The design of the button was collaboration between Chapter Founder Randy Helman `84 and his mother Carol. Randy writes:

It started with the Beta Convention at Lake of the Ozarks. Mom, dad and I were sitting around the kitchen table trying to think of some type of fundraiser for the colony. We landed on a button. [We] needed something short and sweet that would drive the message and of course fit the space. I can't remember the other ideas that we brainstormed but mom said how about "Go Beta" and it of course was a no all credit goes to mom.


Chapter founder Steve Swindell:

We had our table set up in the convention hall and selling those buttons. They were a huge hit and we made some good dollars for the chapter! By the time we got around to applying for our charter 2 years later, the General Fraternity had all but adopted the buttons as official Beta gear. We were very proud of that.


After returning from the 144th General Convention, the members started the new school year by renting a house at 701 South Main Street and accepting 10 pledges into their ranks. The colony was well on its way to earning its charter.



By the spring of 1984 the colony had initiated 21 members and were tops in scholastics among fraternities. Despite its growth, the colony decided to wait another year to petition for charter.


During the 1984-85 academic year, the colony initiated 16 more members and again placed first in scholastics among fraternities. Ready and focused, the colony petitioned for charter in the summer of 1985.

That summer, Colony President Robert Gronda led a strong delegation to petition the 146th General Convention, which voted unanimously to grant a charter to the Central Michigan Betas. The new chapter was designated with the Greek letters Epsilon Gamma.


1985: The Year of the Charter

Filled with enthusiasm from reaching its chartering goal, Epsilon Gamma rented a larger house at 210 West Bellows Street in the fall of 1985. The fraternity pledged 21 men, instantly doubling its size.

From the Winter 1986 edition of the Beta Theta Pi magazine:
Snow-laden Mt. Pleasant, Mich, was the scene for the installation of the Epsilon Gamma of Beta Theta Pi.




On Nov. 10, 1985, 165 Betas, sweethearts and honored guests gathered at the Holiday Inn to celebrate the installation of Beta's 115th and newest chapter at Central Michigan University.

The festivities began with a formal ball held on Saturday evening to act, not only as the first formal of the chapter, but as the installation Ball. Brothers and dates danced away the evening which climaxed with a champagne toast to the brothers of Epsilon Gamma for their three years of hard work toward chapterhood.

A reception preceded the installation ceremony on Sunday morning for Betas and guests; the official installation commenced promptly at 12:00 noon. Vice President Ronald P. Helman, Miami `55, the installing officer, was ably assisted by other members of the Board with General Secretary B. Hume Morris, Centre `66, presenting the charter to Chapter President Robert C. Gronda, `86, and President John I. Rhodes, Kansas State `38, overseeing the installation of the executive officers of the charter.

Immediately following the installation ceremony, a formal banquet was held to welcome officially the chapter into the broad domain. Gregory Compton, `85, served as the toastmaster for the afternoon's activities.


In his keynote address at Epsilon Gamma's installation banquet, Helman reflected on the chapter's humble beginnings. “A little over two years ago, six of us got together and decided to become a part of a new fraternity, one that would be recognized as a contributor to the campus,” he said. “We wanted to be different . . . we wanted to return to a point in time when Greeks were Greeks, and fraternities were recognized as a solid asset for one's growth and leadership, friendship, academics, etc.”
(Full transcript available here.)


During the next five years, one of the primary goals for the men of Epsilon Gamma was to become one of the best chapters of Beta Theta Pi.


To achieve that goal, the brothers knew they would need to grow the membership by recruiting quality men and by securing a permanent chapter house.

1986 - 1988: Finding a Permanent Home


Chapter Composite

In September 1986, Housing Chairman Steven P. Hunt’s (`88) long hours of research finally came to an end as he brought information about two prospective houses to a special housing conference. Chapter Advisor Steven W. Martineau, Miami `66, prepared an exhaustive analysis of both homes and District Chief Jeffrey A. Radomski, Ohio `81, assisted in choosing the current house at 814 S. Main Street.

Administrative Secretary John F. Schaller, Ball State `85, was summoned from Oxford, Ohio, to hear a presentation by Martineau, Hunt, Robert F. Seeber `87, and Alexander (Sandy) Gaulin `89. Schaller assured the brothers he would give the chapter all the help he could. In October 1986, Gaulin and Seeber traveled to the Guelph Chapter Installation to present Epsilon Gamma’s case to the Board of Trustees. The Board said it would grant them 15 minutes. An hour and a half later, the Trustees committed money from the Founders Fund and said the Chapter should go ahead with plans to purchase the house.

Chapter Composite

In December 1986, Gaulin and Seeber met with Martineau to finalize the loan application and to start the proceedings to form a housing corporation, and in the spring of 1987, Epsilon Gamma’s House Corporation papers were filed in Lansing, Michigan. On August 11, 1987, the deed was signed and the house at 814 South Main Street was the property of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

At the time of the lease signing, the Sigma Kappa sorority occupied the house. The newly-formed Epsilon Gamma Housing Corporation honored the terms of the Sigma Kappa lease with the previous owner. The excitement of moving into the new Beta house on Main Street would have to be deferred for two years.


1988 - 94


The late 80s were a time of great expansion and campus wide recognition for the Betas. Having achieved the goals of getting a charter and purchasing a chapter home, the members began focusing more on academics, external communication and winning campus and General Fraternity awards.

Chapter Composite
1987 - 88
Chapter Composite
1988 - 89

During the summer of 1988, Steven M. Grenus `88 became the chapter’s faculty advisor, a position he would hold for the next 13 years. That academic year, the chapter received several awards including highest semester and cumulative fraternity G.P.A., and for the first time, the Betas were named “Outstanding Greek Organization of the Year” by the office of Student Life. Grenus was recognized as an “Outstanding Advisor of the Year,” and Scott Nadeau `89 was honored as CMU’s “Greek Man of the Year.”

The chapter took possession of the house at 814 S. Main Street in the summer of 1989 and a lot of work had to be done to the house to make it worthy of the fraternity.

In August of 1989, Epsilon Gamma received a Francis H. Sisson award at the 150th General Convention as one of the Fraternity’s top chapters. Having achieved the goal the Chapter had set four years earlier, Epsilon Gamma continued working to restore and repair the Chapter House under the direction of House Manager Kevin D. Steele `90. Many hours of labor had been devoted to this enormous project by parents, alumni and members of the fraternity. On October 20, 1989 the official Chapter House Dedication was held in the newly renovated house.


In the early 90s, the chapter had members in almost every influential organization on campus. Rarely would a week go by without the chapter or one of its members appearing in CMLife, the campus newspaper. The name “Beta Theta Pi” was heard frequently at Greek awards ceremonies. More than 60 men on CMU’s campus wore the Beta Badge.


Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite

Epsilon Gamma's inaugural "Carl the Assistant Greenskeeper" golf outing was held in Mt. Pleasant on September 8, 1990.


In November of 1991, the beginnings of the second thing the chapter is most known for, the "Three Fires" ritual was created under the direction of Pledge Educator Mark DuRocher `92 and John Hill `94.

Over the course of the next couple years, Epsilon Gamma continued winning awards on campus and renovating the house.

1994 - 96


During the summer of 1994, under the direction of Alumni Association Chairman Douglas A. Ackerman `91, a strategic decision was made to hold alumni meetings in Southeastern Michigan. This proved to be a watershed moment as many dedicated alumni lived in the area. Over the next few years, the Alumni Association would focus its efforts on publishing a quality newsletter, holding quality events, raising funds to strengthen the organization as well as start an endowment for scholarships and focus on long-term goals for the Alumni Association.

In the fall of 1994 E.G.'s first organized alumni fundraiser was held under the direction of Robert B. Hempton `89 and Paul M. DeRoche `91. At that same time, Epsilon Gamma's alumni newsletter For the Staunchest began being published at regular intervals with Mark A. Hess `92 at the helm.


In the spring of 1995, the Chapter was preparing for the upcoming pledge retreat. While the "Three Fires" ceremony was a long-standing tradition at Epsilon Gamma, the success of the beloved chapter ritual was often defined by piecing together faded memories of how the process unfolded the semester before. While the basic framework had been maintained over the years since Mark DuRocher `92 and John Hill `94 first created "Three Fires," scripts and notations had been misplaced, and the chapter's executive board called for a review of the ritual.


Under the leadership of Ritual Chairman Brandon Rogers '96 and Pledge Educator Tom Olver '98, the ritual was further developed and a formalized script was drafted. The updated ritual was performed and met with the Chapter's approval.

In the spring of 1995, Epsilon Gamma was featured as the cover story of The Beta Theta Pi magazine. The article, written by magazine editor Erv Johnson, Idaho `53 focused on the daily life of the Epsilon Gamma chapter including its triumphs and its challenges.

Later that year, with coordination by Edward J. Smith `87, more than 200 Beta brothers and friends gathered at the Comfort Inn in Mt. Pleasant for the "Diamond Anniversary Banquet," celebrating the Chapter's 10th year at CMU.


The Chapter won Sisson awards in 1994, 1995 & 1996.



 1997 - 99

Epsilon Gamma's first web site was published by Mark A. Hess `92 to an AOL members page in the fall of 1997. Scott Nadeau `89 assumed the publishing responsibilities for the Alumni Association newsletter For the Staunchest in 1998. Later that year, Nadeau took over responsibilities for the web site.

Epsilon Gamma was also recognized for its academic achievements with the General Fraternity’s Virginia Tech award for highest GPA in its region, 1996-98. In addition, Then-Pledge Educator Thomas C. Olver `98 accepted the award for outstanding new member education program at the 159th General Convention in August 1998.


On November 14, 1998, General Secretary Jerry M. Blesch, Centre '60, traveled to Central Michigan to participate in the pledge retreat and witness the "Three Fires" ritual first-hand. He was so impressed with the ceremony, he encouraged the Chapter to make a presentation at the following year's General Convention with the thought that other chapters may want to adopt it as part of their annual ritual activities.


Epsilon Gamma continued to be recognized by the General Fraternity, winning Sisson Awards in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite

The Epsilon Gamma Alumni Association purchased the domain name "" in the summer of 1999.
In November 1999, under the Chairmanship of Christopher P. Makowski `89, the Epsilon Gamma Alumni Association recognized that in a few short years, Epsilon Gamma would pay down the final notes and own the Chapter house. Looking ahead, the question was posed: "What should we do next?" In an attempt to formulate the best answer to this question, a Strategic Planning Initiative was conceived. Kenneth B. Breen `90 was asked and accepted the challenge of putting together what came to be known as the “SPI.”

Kenneth B. Breen `90 spent 11 months formulating a research strategy, gathering information and processing the information into a summary level report. What started out as a simple "bricks & mortar" initiative evolved into something far more dynamic. The further Epsilon Gamma got into this project — the more it became clear that a fraternity "house" must be built on a firm foundation, and the "foundation" had nothing to do with bricks & mortar. Rather, a firm foundation has everything to do with having clearly defined goals for the Epsilon Gamma organization, and aligning and streamlining resources to achieve the goals.

 EG at the Turn of the Century


In the fall of 2000, the report was presented both to the Alumni Association and the Housing Corporation.
On October 28, 2000, the Strategic Planning Report was adopted as a "road map" for Epsilon Gamma. Based on a recommendation from the report, the Epsilon Gamma Alumni Association and the Epsilon Gamma Housing Corporation were merged into a single governing body.

Chapter Composite

On November 11, 2000, more than 100 Epsilon Gamma alumni and guests enjoyed a fun-filled evening at the Comfort Inn in Mt. Pleasant for the Chapter's 15th Anniversary. Founding Father Thomas J. Bussineau `86 chaired the event.

Chapter Composite
Chapter Composite

Thomas C. Olver `98 was appointed General Fraternity Editor of The Beta Theta Pi magazine by the International Fraternity’s Board of Trustees in 2001. He became the 12th and youngest editor in the history of the magazine.

But, all was not right with Epsilon Gamma. Several warning signs of trouble began to appear. The EG chapter tradition of winning Sisson awards stopped. Externally, the fraternity world was changing.

In the spring of 2001 under the request of President Mark Valchine, and the direction of Steve Grenus, the chapter underwent reorganization. Almost half of the undergraduate membership was placed on alumni status. Those who remained made a commitment to uphold the principles and obligations of Beta Theta Pi.

But, the effort to save the chapter was not successful.

 2002 - 04: Chapter Closure


In Early 2002, following a university investigation, the chapter was placed on probationary status through the spring of 2004. Sanctions included the prohibition of social, athletic and recruitment activities. The stipulation was added that any future violations of the student code of conduct would result in the removal of campus recognition. By extension, the charter would also have been revoked. The administration made it clear that if the University were to pull recognition, Beta Theta Pi would not be allowed to return to the campus in the foreseeable future.


When this initial decision was announced, the directors of the Epsilon Gamma Housing Corporation and advising team began deliberating on the next course of action. It became abundantly clear that drastic action would be necessary to preserve the long-term viability of the organization and protect the fiduciary responsibility to the physical structure. The odds were not in Epsilon Gamma's favor.


After exhaustive information gathering and opinion outreach to the entire chapter, the directors and advisors voted unanimously to close the chapter and negotiate a return agreement with Central Michigan University. The decision was announced to undergraduate members on Tuesday, March 26, 2002 in Mt. Pleasant.

Ironically, the house was paid off weeks later. Yet, years of wear and tear had taken its toll. During the summer of 2002, even though the chapter no longer occupied the house at 814 S. Main, the second floor and the exterior of the house were thoroughly renovated under the leadership of Epsilon Gamma Housing Corporation President Thomas C. Olver `98 and Vice President Philip J. Adler `98.

Epsilon Gamma alumni, the Epsilon Gamma Housing Corporation and the General Fraternity immediately began planning for the return of the chapter to the CMU campus in the fall of 2004. An Advising Team was formed under the direction of David J. Steiner `99 and Gregory M. Compton `85, who served as co-chapter counselors.



 2004: We're Back!


In the Fall of 2004, the Fraternity’s director of expansion, David J.D. Rae, British Columbia `00 lead the recruitment efforts to bring Beta Theta Pi back to CMU's campus. With the help of Education Consultant Vito U. Brandle, Saint Louis `04 the effort was successful. On the twenty-second day of the first month of 2005 six earnest young men were initiated on the rolls of the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Beta Theta Pi.


325 Kris C. Wellman       `07
326 Matthew Bush          `08
327 William N. Bonner     `08
328 Christopher L. May    `06
329 Norman S. Klein        `07
330 Christopher J. Olson   `06
Left to right: Kris Wellman, Matt Busch, Norm Klein, Nick Bonner, Chris Olson, Chris May



The chapter regained its title as "best academic fraternity on campus" in its first semester back on campus. The next semester three more men joined the ranks of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter, as well as Education Consultant Vito U. Brandle, Saint Louis `04.

2005 - 08


During the summer of 2005 the house at 814 S. Main Street underwent a massive interior renovation under the watchful eye of Phillip Adler `98. The entire membership of the undergraduate chapter moved into the house to begin the fall 2005 semester.

In November of 2005, under the direction of Founding Father Tom Bussineau `86, 125 Betas, sweethearts and guests attended the 20th Anniversary Banquet at the Comfort Inn in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. General Fraternity President Dr. P. Thomas Purinton, Kansas State `63 delivered the keynote address. Administrative Secretary Stephen Becker Florida `69 also attended the event. The Housing Corporation's Director of Communication Scott Nadeau `89 was honored with Beta Theta Pi's Distinguished Service Award. Honorary Chapter Initiate Paul "Bubba" Koehn `98 provided the entertainment.


During the period of time between the Spring of 2005 and the Spring of 2006 the Epsilon Gamma colony went through numerous transitions in leadership before finally solidifying Brandyn Lawson `00 as Chapter President. The colony continued to struggle with low membership as well as internal problems that forced many to begin to take a close look at the direction the colony was headed in.


Leadership Consultant Adam Porter-Price Connecticut `02 was brought in during the 2006-07 academic year to help guide the relatively young colony down the road that would lead them to success. With A. Porter-Price's help and with a renewed passion for the success of Beta on CMU's campus, the colony made great strides towards becoming, without a doubt, the best fraternity on campus.


However, in the Fall of 2006, a risk management issue once again questioned the fate of Epsilon Gamma. With the help and dedication of every active member, the advising team, as well as the freshly initiated pledge class, the colony was carried through the trouble and began to rebuild from the inside out.


Despite the challenges of the Fall of 2006, the colony broke the all-time record for highest GPA of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter with a 3.21. The all men's average at CMU at the time was 2.9.


In the Spring of 2007, Epsilon Gamma began a complete turn around in all aspects of the colony. Membership was on the rise, apathy was down, the financial situation was pristine.


The 2006-07 school year ended excellently for the new Central Michigan Colony. The colony recruited more men than any other fraternity at CMU, had 100% new member retention, placed third in Greek Week (with only 20 members), and won The President's Cup: the highest honor a fraternity can receive at Central Michigan University. The colony also received an Exemplary Achievement award from the National Interfraternity Conference for achieving a grade point average at least 50 base points (.5) above the all men's GPA at CMU.


Colony Composite
"Fake" Colony Composite

The colony won several awards at the 168th annual convention including a Virginia Tech award for having the highest GPA on Campus, a Virginia Tech award for having the most improved GPA in our region (within Beta),  Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development award for sending a high percentage of delegates to the general fraternity's leadership opportunities and a North Dakota for Excellence in Chapter Publications - Honorable Mention in the newsletter category for For the Staunchest.

During the  2007-08 academic year, the colony continued their progress toward achieving their goal of re-chartering at the 169th general convention. Along the way the colony added to their trophy case by winning the Maroon Cup Homecoming competition for CMU student organizations, A Keystone Regional Leadership Award from Beta Theta Pi for sending the most delegates to leadership opportunities, and their second consecutive President's Cup from Central Michigan University. The colony also added 18 men to the colony roll.


Colony Composite

2008 - Today

In August of 2008, the colony was returned to full chapter status at the 169th general convention in Dallas, Texas. In addition to earning its charter, the Betas also won their eighth Sisson Award (the first since 1999), their second consecutive Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Award and second consecutive Honorable Mention North Dakota for Excellence in Chapter Publications award for its For The Staunchest Newsletter.

On November 15th, 2008 the Epsilon Gamma Chapter was officially reinstalled during a short ceremony held at the chapter house.  That evening, 100 alumni, parents and friends celebrated the reinstallation of the chapter with a banquet held at Buck's Run Golf Course in Mt. Pleasant. The evening consisted of speeches from brothers John A. Reineke II ‘10, Brandyn K. Lawson  ‘10, and videos by both Scott Nadeau ’89, and Drew Mason ’10. The keynote speaker of the event, David Schmidt, South Florida ’92, left the brothers with a speech that helped them to stay focused on the next goal they chapter has set for themselves, winning the chapter's first Knox Award. The father of Chapter Founder Randy Helman `84 and honorary Chapter member #200 Ronald Helman, Miami `55 read a note from his son Randy and complimented the Chapter on a excellent initiation ceremony and event.

The men of Epsilon Gamma finished the 2008-09 school year in a strong fashion, winning both a "Chapter of Excellence" Award from CMU (The replacement for the President's Cup) and a second consecutive Sisson Award (9th overall) from the General Fraternity.

Chapter Composite

Chapter Composite

On November 13, 2010 more than 160 brothers, sweethearts and friends gathered in Mt. Pleasant for the Silver Anniversary of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter. The banquet, organized by Thomas J. Bussineau `86 and held at the Comfort Inn, was the second largest gathering of Epsilon Gamma Betas in the chapter's 25-year history. Matthew F. Baad `85 served as Master of Ceremonies and speeches were given by Greg M. Compton `86, Chapter President Thomas Ahearn `11, Housing Corp. President Scott Nadeau `89, and General Fraternity Vice President Paul B. Swartz, Kansas State `64. The keynote address was delivered by Chapter Founder Randall S. Helman `84.

At the banquet, Brother Thomas C. Olver `98 was presented with the fraternity's Distinguished Service Award for his tireless devotion to the chapter. Honorary Initiate Robert A. Seeber (EG 83) and son Robert F. Seeber `87 were presented with the "Pig Plaque," a unique award in the shape of a pig to commemorate and thank them for sponsoring the Robert A. Seeber/Lenny Varner International Pig Roast for more than 24 years.


Chapter Composite

Chapter Composite

At the 173rd General Convention in August of 2012, the Epsilon Gamma Chapter won its first John Reily Knox Chapter Excellence Award, and 12th Francis H. Sisson Award. Approved by the 157th General Convention in 1996, the John Reily Knox award is the highest award a chapter can receive for chapter excellence. Based on 31 separate criteria, this year 18 chapters won the award. A day after winning the award, Chapter President Kevin White `13 wrote:


"I couldn't believe when they called our name for a Knox last night so much so that I just sat in my seat after our name was called and an LC [Leadership Consultant] had to tell me to go up. This award represents a lot of hard work ever since our chartering in 1985. Thank you to everyone for the support and work you have put in! This may be our first Knox but I certainly don't want it to be our last! Amazing job undergrads and alumni alike!"


Representing the Epsilon Gamma Chapter:
Chapter President Kevin White `12,
John Reineke II `09 (Director of Chapter Operations, EGHC Treasurer),
Tylere Presley `12 (Leadership Consultant)

Today, the men of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter are carrying on the proud tradition of Beta Theta Pi at Central Michigan University, striving to achieve Randy Helman’s original vision …to be different . . . to be recognized as a solid asset for one's growth, leadership, friendship and academics – The Epsilon Gamma of Beta Theta Pi.

Chapter Motto: "Forever with Quality"
Chapter Song: "For the Staunchest"



Past Chapter Presidents


Yr(s). President Name Roll Yr. of Graduation
1983 - 1984Randall Scott HelmanEG 11984
1984 - 1985Robert Lynn BartzEG 51985
1985 - 1986Robert Charles GrondaEG 221986
1986 - 1987Robert Fordney SeeberEG 351987
1987 - 1988Kenneth Brian BreenEG 431989
1988 - 1989Jeffery Thomas WandzelEG 521988
1989 - 1990Brendan Allen LambrixEG 801990
1990 - 1991Douglas Andrew AckermanEG 961991
1991 - 1992Jonathan Brian EadieEG 1221993
1992 - 1993Keith Christopher NagelEG 1161993
1993 - 1994Steven David DesmetEG 1411994
1994 - 1995Steven Edward HendersonEG 1741996
1995 - 1996Max Jay Hunsicker IIEG 1711997
1996Philip Joseph AdlerEG 2061998
1996 - 1997Gerald William Van HornEG 186 1997
1997 - 1998James Neil EschelbachEG 2221999
1998 - 1999Michael Joseph LatuszekEG 2281999
1999 - 2000Thomas Donald SantilliEG 2332000
2000Martin Charles KaiserEG 2532001
2001Mark Ben Valchine IIEG 2752003
2002Ryan Patrick GleasonEG 2932004
2005Christopher James OlsonEG 3302007
2006Ross Aziz McCallumEG 3332009
2007Brandyn Kyle LawsonEG 3352009
2008Robert McKnight HunterEG 347 2010
2009 Justin Everett MackEG 360 2011
2010 Thomas Richard Ahearn EG 362 2011
2011 Tylere Richard Presley EG 386 2012
2012 Kevin Nichols White EG 395 2013
2013 Adam William Cable EG 425 2014
2014 David James Kobel EG 442 2015
2015 James Daniel Sterba EG 453 2015
2016 Greg Carl Pernicano EG 461 2017
2017 Tom Franklin Wagner EG 497 2018


Founders Award Winners


Randall Scott Helman award

Outstanding Beta of the Year

1986 Thomas J. Bussineau
1987 Kenneth B. Breen
1988 Todd J. Robinson
1989 Jeffrey T. Wandzel
1990 Douglas A. Ackerman
1991 Douglas A. Ackerman
1992 Keith C. Nagel
1993 Steven D. Desmet
1994 Steven D. Desmet
1995 Steven E. Henderson
1996 Chad E. Springer
1997 Gerald W. Van Horn
1998 Thomas C. Olver
1999 Thomas D. Santilli
2000 Thomas D. Santilli
2001 Mark B. Valchine
2006 Ross A. McCallum
2007 Brandyn K. Lawson
2008 Christopher R. Saylor
2009 Justin E. Mack
2010 Thomas R. Ahearn
2011 Thomas R. Ahearn
2012 Robert W. Lane
2013 Adam W. Cable
2014 David J. Kobel
Matthew Francis Baad award
Outstanding Pledge
1986-Winter Gary A. Zarkowski
1986-Fall ---missing information----
Gamma Pledge Class
(Steele, Kusowski,
McDermott, Deighton)
1987-Winter Christopher P. Makowski
1987-Fall Bradley D. Reaume
1988-Winter Douglas A. Ackerman
1988-Fall David M. Hasenleder
1989-Winter John C. Phillips
1989-Fall Gregory T. Kacy
1990-Winter Stephen J. Pohe
1990-Fall Andrew J. Shubnell
1991-Winter Michael J. Godwin
 We Are missing the information from
Winter 1991 to Fall 1999
1999-Fall Joshua D. Weakland
 We Are missing the information from
Winter 2000 through Fall 2001
2005-Fall Brandyn K. Lawson
2006-Spring Phillip M. Klassen
2006-Fall Drew D. Mason
2007-Spring Steven J. Witte
2007 - Fall Jeffrey W. Zapolski
2007 - Spring Pratik Chhetri
2008 - Fall Zack N. Reinbold
2009 - Spring Mark A. Generous
2009 - Fall Adam Bryce
2010 - Spring Joe Graffeo
2010 - Fall Brian Page
2011 - Spring Adam Cable
2011 - Fall Derek Susalla
2012 - Spring Andrew Wilson
2012 - Fall Alan J. Suli
2013 - Spring Josh S. Gahlau
2013 - Fall Craig D. Boehm
2014 - Spring Brian M. Pickelsimer
Thomas Joseph Bussineau award
Father/Son Euchre Tournament
1985 Richard & Scott Stoughton
1986 Ted & Bob Gronda
1987 Jim & Tyler Bollaert
1988 Jim & Tyler Bollaert
1989 David & Brendan Lambrix
1990 Mottern/Wisniewski (tie)
1991 Bob & Oren Lane
1992 Bezeau/Hill (tie)
1993  --missing--
1994 Dan & Steve Desmet
1995 Mike & Dave Dennis
1996 Bob & Oren Lane
1997 Bob & Oren Lane
1998 Frank & Drew Wheatlake
1999 Larry & Dave Fouchea
2000 Rudy & Jason Nurmi
2001 Eric J. Konopka/Kevin Moncman
Most Philanthropic
2006 Brandyn K. Lawson
2007 John A. Morelli
2008 Steven J. Witte
2009 Justin E. Mack
2010 Justin E. Mack
2011 Alex T. Scull
2012 Trevor M. Earl
2013 J.D. Sterba
2014 Allan J. Sulier
Steven Andrew Swindell award
Beta Spirit Award
1990Timothy F. Bussineau
1991Todd A. DeVito
1992Matthew J. Yandura
1993Matthew J. Yandura
1994 --missing--
1995Matthew J. Yandura
1996Max J. Hunsicker
1997Thomas D. Santilli
1998Jason A. Catania
1999Matthew J. Lonsway
2000Bryan C. Scheffler
2001Eric J. Konopka
2006Kristopher C. Wellman
2007 Brandyn K. Lawson
Christopher J. Mueller
Robert M. Hunter
2008 John A. Reineke II
2009 Drew D. Mason
2010 Dayton D Stone
2011 Dayton D Stone
2012 Daniel T. Milligan
2013 Daniel T. Milligan
2014 Griffith B. Gatewood


Gregory Michael Compton award
Most Gentlemanly
1988Todd J. Robinson
1989Gregory A. Gauss
1990Mark A. Hess
1991Dean G. Lemont
1992Stephen J. Pohe
1993Steven M. Fouchea
1994Steven M. Fouchea
1995Phillip J. Adler
1996Phillip J. Adler
1997Donavan Jackson
1998Jason A. Catania
1999David A. Fouchea
2000David A. Fouchea
2001Seth M. Martin
2006Benjamin R. Reedy
2007 John A. Morelli
2008 John A. Morelli
2009 John A. Morelli
2010 Kevin N. White
2011 Kevin N. White
2012 Spencer B. Matthews
2013 David J. Kobel
2014 J.D. Sterba
Steven W. Martineau award
Outstanding Alumnus
1990Robert A. Seeber Sr.
1991Robert F. Seeber Jr.
1992Kenneth B. Breen
1993Todd A. DeVito
1994  --missing--
1995Steven M. Grenus
1996Douglas A. Ackerman
1997Jeffrey T. Wandzel
1998Steven M. Grenus
1999Phillip J. Adler
2000Scott R. Willey
2001Kenneth B. Breen
2003Gregory J. Abraham
2004Scott D. Sawyer
2005Thomas C. Olver
2006Phillip J. Adler &
Thomas C. Olver
2007 Scott E. Nadeau
2008 Gregory M. Compton
2009 Norman R. Andersen
2010 Norman R. Andersen
2011 Scott E. Nadeau
2012 Thomas R. Ahearn
2013 Robert W. Lane
2014 Robert W. Lane


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c/o 7148 Ulrich | Dexter, Michigan 48130