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Would you believe that in the fall of 2015 we will be celebrating our 30th Charter Anniversary? Founder Tom Bussineau `86 has already begun to plan the biggest Anniversary Banquet yet.

If you’ve been around for a while, you probably know that we have had fundraisers every few years, built around the anniversaries, and this has suited us well. But, this has always been a temporary fix to an ongoing need. Recently, a group of active alumni got together and after some thoughtful discussion and brainstorming, decided that we need to put a better plan in place for the longevity of our Chapter.

We set some simple goals going forward:

  • Bring social events to alumni where they live
  • Maintain and enhance ongoing communications
  • Keep the house the nicest fraternity house on campus
  • Offer scholarships to the undergraduates

This leads us to proudly announce the newly created “Pi Society,” an endowment to provide long-term funding for the Epsilon Gamma Chapter.
Membership in the “Pi Society” will include benefits such as:

  • Pi Society LogoFree admission to all Beta events (including the golf outing and banquets) for 10 years
  • Free advertising at Beta events
  • Member of the Endowment Board for 10 years
  • More to come…

The idea here is to break the cycle of running out of money, raising it, spending it, and repeating every few years. To do this we’ve identified how much should be set aside our current needs, and then how much we will need to set aside permanently to generate income for our needs in the future.

We thought it wouldn’t hurt to define the term endowment:

“An endowment fund is most commonly established by a tax-exempt organization and is a permanent fund that uses its earnings to advance the charitable, religious, or educational mission of the organization for which it is established. The principal amount of the endowment fund always stays intact while all or a part of the earnings are utilized by the charity each year. The earnings are used to fund projects or programs designated by the endowment fund. A percentage of the earnings are generally left in the fund to increase the fund principal. As the principal increases, the earnings available for use each year increases.”

The spending policy of this endowment will be simple. It cannot be spent for 5 years (or until the goal amount is reached) and at that point only 3% can be taken out per year. We hope to fund our needs like housing and scholarships through this fund with an ongoing goal to have it grow over the years. Most long-term successful chapters of Beta Theta Pi have similar endowments.

Our goals are straightforward: secure 20 undergrad scholarships per year, raise $20,000 for the house and $100,000 for the Endowment fund. (We raised $61,000 during our last large fundraiser.) Together, we can easily achieve these goals!

The banquet in November of 2015 will serve as the target date to reach our campaign goals.

You’ll be hearing more from one of your brothers over the next year, but for now please see the form below for contribution details.

Yours in ___kai___,

EGHC Fundraising Committee

Donation Form

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted about your pledge:

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Information about you:

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Choose your sponsorship:

Pi Society | Goal = $100,000
I am interested in joining the Pi Society.

There will be only 20 members for a $5,000 donation ($4,500 if paid at once)

Benefits of being a “Pi Society” member:

  • Be one of the founding members of the permanent Endowment
  • Free admission to Golf Tournaments, Banquets, and all events for 10 years beginning with the 30th Anniversary
  • Free Advertising at the Golf Outing
  • VIP status and seating at all Epsilon Gamma events for 10 years
  • Member of the Endowment Board for 10 years
  • Guaranteed awesome annual Pi Society meeting
  • Choose the 3 person investment committee
  • Govern spending policy and the rules of the Endowment
  • 1st rights to be on future Endowment boards

A large bronze plaque in the Beta House will be dedicated to these Society Members.

scholarships | Goal = 20 per year
I am interested in sponsoring a scholarship.

Two scholarship giving levels: $250/year or $500/year:

  • Academic or Beta Leadership Events
  • You name it and define the qualifications
  • Payment via automated annual or monthly debit/credit card charge

A large bronze plaque in the Beta House will be dedicated to these Members.

house gifts | Goal = $20,000
I am interested in sponsoring a room in the house.

Room availability will be disclosed when we call you.

  • AcaNaming rights to rooms in the house
  • Three levels of giving: $1,000, $2,500 and $3,500 (payable over 5 years)
  • Payment via automated annual or monthly debit/credit card charge

A bronze plaque outside the Beta House room you sponsored will be dedicated to you.

your choice
I would like to support the chapter in another manner,
please contact me.
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Fundraising Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Capital Fundraising Initiative get started?

The first Capital Fundraising Initiative (CFI) started almost by accident during the 2004 alumni golf outing, when three brothers committed to each other they would contribute a combined $20,000 over the next five years to help ensure Epsilon Gamma would have the financial resources needed to make improvements to the chapter house and provide experiential learning scholarships for the undergraduate brothers.

The first campaign ended in 2010, the current campaign will run from 2013-15. This is the first time we've set the goal of funding a permanent endowment.

What are the goals of this fundraising effort?

To raise a $100,000 for the permanent endowment, $5,000 - $10,000 annually for scholarships and $20,000 for house improvments.

I’d like to contribute but am not in a position to give at the amounts listed in the above. Can I help?

Yes. Fill out the form above and choose the fourth option. We will work with you. Annual pledges or one-time gifts of any amount are welcome and appreciated.

Is my donation tax deductible?

We are currently in the process of applying for 501c(3) status for the Pi Society.

Donations for scholarships and leadership opportunities will be handled through the  Beta Theta Pi Foundation, and they are tax deductible. Donations for house improvements or chapter/alumni activities are not tax deductible.

Will I receive a reminder when my  payments are due?

Yes. You will receive a reminder along with instructions about who to make your check payable to and where to send it — depending on the type of donation you’ve chosen. 

What rooms are available in the house for sponsorship?

Contact Scott Nadeau at He will send you a floor plan of the house noting the available rooms.

Are there other things that can be sponsored?

Yes.  If you have a strong desire to sponsor something you do not see mentioned please fill out the form above and we will contact you.

What happens after the "ten years" mentioned above?

Pi Society memberships will need to be renewed every ten years. Room sponsorships will remain as long as our chapter resides in the current house at 814 South Main Street.  Leadership experience sponsorships and academic scholarships will need to be renewed every five years.

Can my gift be “anonymous”?

Yes. You can make those arranements when we contact you.

Why are we putting so much money into a house we plan to tear down?

At one time in the 1980s and 90s, we had a grand plan to tear down the house and build a new one in its place by the year 2020.

As of 2013, there is no plan to tear down the house and build new. Financially, it is not on our radar. Our historic house remains in great shape, and is one of the gems on Main Street in Mt. Pleasant. There are plans in place to keep the house updated and improved each year.

Our chapter house was built in 1914. The house was occupied by individual families until 1937. Since 1938, an average of 14 college students has lived in the structure each school year including two fraternities and one sorority.  The house had gone through major renovations at least twice prior to our acquisition of the house in 1987. The house is 4,944 square feet with 2 full & 2-1/2 baths (including the basement.)

From 1987 to 2002, all rent collected went directly to paying down the bank loans and taxes for the house and performing minor maintenance and repairs. Large items such as a hot water heater and bathroom renovations were covered in many cases by the undergraduate chapter through dues, house fees, etc. Major repairs — such as a new furnace, and fire inspections that required major repairs were paid for by alumni gifts made on an emergency basis.  In 2002, the original bank loans for the chapter house were paid in full. We borrowed $55,000 to make major improvements to the safety and structure of the house as required by the city fire inspector. A portion of the $55,000 was used to replace original windows, the original roof and to cover the original wood siding with vinyl siding. In 2005, we borrowed an additional $110,000 to perform major renovations to the interior of the chapter house to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for the new undergraduate chapter to move in to.

In 2010, we consolidated our equity loans (Less than $150k total) into one with the goal of paying it off by 2020.

Today, our chapter has by far the nicest fraternity house with the most charachter in one of the most perfect locations on Main Street. All things considered, we can be very proud of the sweat equity, the financial stewardship and the thoughtful consideration of so many brothers in our chapter’s short history relative to the chapter house and the advising of the chapter.

Note:  This F.A.Q. is not intended to be exhaustive — it simply reflects the questions we have received to date.  If you have a question about the Capital Fundraising Initiative that you do not see answered here please contact Scott Nadeau at



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