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2011 Pig Roast

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CMU Homecoming 2011 & Bubba's Beta Brunch!

by Scott Nadeau `89, housing corporation president

We had a fantastic time at Homecoming this year despite having one of the worst (and embarrasing) football teams in the MAC. (I personally blame the coach.)

Approximately 40 alums, freinds and family toured the Beta house in the morning and enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by Barbara and Paul "Bubba" Koehn. The parade rolled by the house around 11:30, and while it was a typical homecoming parade, there was a bit of excitement at the beginning when the CMU band was stalled on Main Street due to the fact that the police forgot to block off M-20.

This year for the first time since 2004 we had an alumni tailgate area near Rose Ponds near the other tailgaters and official CMU activities. Even though the weather was windy and cold, everyone that attended told me personally that having our own area is a great addition to the days' activities. Alumni Relations chair Adam Whitt `13 grilled up hot dogs for everyone while the heat from the grill served as temporary relief from the cold. In addition, we had a front row seat to watch the Industrial Engineering students' and their cardboard boat race across the ponds.

I have to give kudos to CMU, and Tyler Parsons at the athletic department's events team. From day one of inquiring about having a tent at Homecoming they couldn't have been nicer or more accomodating. I hope that we can continue this relationship for years to come.

The game was pretty much dissapointing until the 4th quarter when CMU, trailing 28-13, mounted an impressive comback and tied the game with about a minute left. 32 seconds later it was over as the Eagles of EMU practicaly waltzed into the end zone.

This was also our first year of buying a block of tickets for the game. Again, CMU came through as our tickets were upgraded to a better section on the Friday before the game.

Very special thanks to Barbara and Paul "Bubba" Koehn for once again making an outstanding brunch for everyone! Thanks to Adam Whitt `14 for taking care of all of the arrangements for the chapter.


June 4, 2011

22nd Annual Epsilon Gamma Golf Outing
June 4, 2011 - Gateway Golf Club - Romulus, Michigan

By Jon Eadie `93 & Mike Wharton `93, golf outing co-chairman

Sponsored by the CMU College of Business Administration,
Superior Inspection Services, Steve Siler and Norm and Mark Andersen!

A great time was had by all at the Golf Outing this year!

Travis Converse and John Scott won the "A" Flight, and the combo of Matt Petrusha, Thomas Ahearn, Nathaniel Kioski and his dad Wade won the "B" flight. Congratulations to Jeff Noordof for winning the 5th annual Texas Hold'em Tourney. Tim McGovern came in second place.

There were a lot of great door prizes given out and we even made a little money for the fraternity.

April 30, 2011

24th Annual Seeber/Varner International Pig Roast

By Scott Nadeau `89, housing corp. president

Pork + a 30 lb. turkey + venision + brothers + family & friends = a great event.

More than 150 Betas, sweethearts family and friends gathered at Chip-A-Waters park on April 30th for the 24th annual event. Because of flooding at Island Park, the event was moved to Chip-A-Waters. The park was not scheduled to be opened for another week, but due to the persistance of Alumni Relations Chairman Adam Whitt `14, the city opened it up one week early.

There is a saying in my line of work called the "Happy Accident." It's when something great happens during less than ideal situations. Having the event at Chip-A-Waters was this year's happy accident; we hope to have the event there every year in the future. Everyone liked it better.

The great thing about the new location is that we have the park all to ourselves, it's closer to convenience stores, the house and CMU campus, and the kids' play areas are nicer and closer to the shelter (so that the little folks are always within eyeshot of parents).

As always, the event was a great celebration of the end of another school year.
Food was consumed, awards were given out, the Beta Sweethart and Beta Rose were announced, songs were sung, the loving cup was passed.

I could go on, but I'll let the pictures tell the story. (Posted below)

Special thanks to Bob Sr. & Jr. for once again sponsoring the event and bringing their special homemade treats, Nicole Kokorelis (Kakes by Koko) for the awesome "Pig Cake" and cupcakes, and all brothers, family and FOBs who brought a dish to pass and showed up to support the chapter. Also, big credit goes to Alumni Relations Chair Adam Whitt `14 for all of his hard work organizing the event and making sure it went off without a hitch, despite several weather induced challenges.

Next year is the 25th Annual event...let's make it the biggest ever!
The tentative date is April 28th, 2012.

October 13, 2010

Epsilon Gamma Chapter's Silver Anniversary Banquet

By Tom Bussineau `86, banquet chairman

The Silver Anniversary of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Beta Theta Pi was a very successful event. Nearly 170 alumni, actives, and guests attended the anniversary which was held at the Comfort Inn, Mt. Pleasant on November 13, 2010.

Drew Mason `10 started the evening with a very inspirational video on the history of Beta Theta Pi and Epsilon Gamma. A huge thanks goes to Drew and Scott Nadeau `89 for providing us with the best audio/video presentation that we have had at any anniversary.

Next, Matt Baad `85 was introduced as the master of ceremonies. Matt welcomed all our guests and brought Greg Compton `86 to the stage to lead us in the Beta Doxology. Dinner followed and the Comfort Inn served another great plate of steak and chicken.

The evening continued with a "Welcome Back" video produced by Brother Nadeau and several guest speakers. Chapter President, Thomas Ahearn `11, gave recognition to all awards the chapter has received since the recolonization. Scott Nadeau went over the housing corporation report, presented an "In Memoriam" video, presented a special "Pig Plaque" award to the Seeber's for creating and supporting the Pig Roast and recognized the alumni who have been Betas for 25 years by giving them a silver dragon pin. Also, Scott presented Tom Olver `98 with the Beta Theta Pi Distinctive Service Award for his many contributions to the chapter.

Randy Helman `84 was the keynote speaker. He gave us some historically antidotes on the beginnings of the chapter and reminded us it is our responsibility to recruit and develop the next leaders of our chapter.

Following Randy's speech we enjoyed watching Drew Mason's Silver Anniversary Undergraduate Video.

Finally, General Fraternity Vice President Paul Schwartz, Kansas State `64  gave us a brief state of the fraternity recap.

To finish the speaking portion of the evening, I was very proud to bring my son (and first Epsilon Gamma Chapter legacy) Tyler to the stage to recite the Men of Principle Creed with me. The evening concluded with dance and music provided by Brother Mason.

I want to thank the undergraduates for their active participation throughout the evening. This was one of the reasons why this was the best anniversary since the 10th celebration.

Many alumni said this was the best one ever. But, don't take my word for it. If you didn't attend, reach out to one of your brothers who did and ask them what they think. I am sure they will tell you that you missed a great time and you should have been there.

For those who did attend, thank you very much for helping us make this a memorable event. Without you, it wouldn't have been successful. Thank you for being a Beta!

Editor's Note: The 30th Anniversary Banquet is tentatively scheduled for November 7, 2015.


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